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silk dyed using lichen & printed with a foxglove motif

My mission to create a unique and handmade object comes at a time where mass-produced items are plentiful, but artisans and makers are moving back to the forefront. My work is meant to embody a feeling of care and love, which is then passed on to the receiver of the card, towel or print.

Each stage of creation is done by my own two hands - from the conception and initial sketch, to carving the stamp block, printing, embellishing, sewing and packaging.

Embellished elements include gold leaf, sewn components and beads (seen here). Each embellishment is carefully considered and executed. Because each card is printed by hand using multiple blocks with re-inking between each print, subtle differences can occur between each card, attesting to the “one-of-a-kind” nature that I aspire to.

Being kind to the environment is something I am passionate about when creating my work. Therefore, my materials are environmentally friendly – including water-based inks, locally and ethically sourced botanicals, and 100% recycled paper.

My goal for Handmade by Mallorey is to continue my efforts in using environmentally conscious processes, with little to no waste. To ensure that I do not make more than I need at any given time, my cards are all printed in limited edition batches. I aim to create a body of work that triggers a memory or feeling of calm content within the viewer. Your support of my one-woman-operation means more than just buying a card - it’s a vote of confidence in my direction, as well as a win for you because you know the handmade card you have chosen has been crafted with the environment in mind.

See Kathy Hutton’s instagram post (here) for an eloquent take on why it’s more than “just a card”


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