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"Can’t wait to wear my shawl with jeans, white cami, and a tan."

- Mary, CT

"My sister loves (the pansy scarf). She wore it on the plane to LA."

- Jennifer, CT

"I love your work. Your color combinations

are just dreamy."

- Anonymous, MA

"We swear by your towels. We fight over whose turn it

is to use (them). They are our special kitchen towels."

- Mrs. Fields, MA


"Someone gave me one of your scarves as a present & I've really enjoyed it."

- Jan, CT

"(The pillowcase) is comfortable. It's smooth. There's no friction that you get with a regular pillowcase."

- Esther, MA

"Just want to let you know my friend and her pre-school daughter both love the scarf you made very much! Thank you again for your amazing work."

- Hannah, PA

"Thanks so much for this beautiful work of wearable art! I feel so beautiful wearing it. It’s even more gorgeous than I imagined!"

- Pamela, CT,  on her custom silk robe

“When I received my pillowcase in the mail I was blown away by the beautiful and customized natural dye artwork on the case. I could tell that Mallorey had devoted her time and effort to create a well-crafted pillowcase. Additionally, I was blown away by the luxurious and gentle texture of the silk. What an amazing pillowcase to lay your head down on every night!”

- Taylor, OR

"I just wanted to tell you that the bralette fits great. It is very beautiful and is made so well. I have very sensitive skin and everything I purchase from you feels so nice against my skin. I also love the neck pad. That too, is so well made and is so soothing to have around my neck. Thank you for another wonderful order. I just love you work."

- Anonymous, WI

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