care instructions for silk scarves & garments  –


* hand wash in cold to warm water with mild (pH neutral) detergent 

* do not pour detergent directly on silk; fill apparatus with water, disperse detergent, then add silk 

*  do not bleach 

* hang dry out of direct sunlight

* iron on matte side using silk setting


* colors may appear to shift when wet, but will return to normal once dry

* store out of direct sunlight  

* silks have been pre-washed





care instructions for cotton towels  –


* wash in cold to warm water with mild (pH neutral) detergent

* do not bleach 

* hang dry & iron on cotton setting    


* cotton towels have been vigorously tested in a multitude of temperatures & detergents - performing superbly in each test. however, to ensure the lifespan of your towel, please follow care instructions exactly. 

* if for some reason, you have followed these guidelines & your piece is showing wear or has faded, please contact me 

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