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connecting with nature through your clothing

nature possesses an incredible gift. spending only minutes in the sun can uplift your mood and turn around your entire day.

wake up before the sun & watch it rise over a mountain, lake or your own backyard & you’ll experience the day from a new perspective. if you’re not able to physically be outside, surrounding yourself with easy to care for houseplants, like pothos & snake plant, will offer you some connection.

you can also channel nature through your clothing by wearing mindful & sustainable brands. choosing to incorporate well-made statement pieces into your wardrobe is another way to keep the earth in mind. quality over quantity is a trendy movement in fashion as people become

more & more aware of the wastefulness of the fashion industry as a whole.

planted pigments clothing is one with nature: the colors you see on the clothing come from plants that my own hands have grown or collected around my home, sustainable farmers have toiled over in the hot sun and people have been using for centuries to incorporate color into their clothing.

each scrap is used in some way - whether it becomes a ribbon or package wrapping, a color swatch to modify to create new colors, or used in a different garment altogether. the dye baths are used until no color is left and then the water is recycled into the garden or used to create another bath.

silk itself has many healing benefits, so not only will the colors liven your spirits, the silk will work to heal your skin. you can read more about the benefits of silk here.

if you’re looking to add a sustainable, natural garment to your wardrobe, look no further. enjoy these incredible photographs taken in the early morning hours of spring.

healing & rejuvenating silks, dyed with nature. naturally soothing colors.


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