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one of a kind
small batch goods

crafted with recycled, foraged & artist grown materials
made in the Berkshires 

dyeing with plants is equal parts art, science & magic. Mallorey, of planted pigments, employs processes & techniques which pull from her fascination with flower "potions" as a child. each garment, scarf or printed notecard sees many stages before the finishing touches are painted or sewn in place. techniques include: growing & foraging dye plants & materials, ancient natural dye extraction, print design, gilding, hand carving, hand printing & sewing.

each piece is handmade in her home studio using eco-friendly, recycled & sustainable materials. 

late august bloom robe 3_edited.jpg
watercolor print in process.png


connect with nature through your clothing,

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need ideas on

how to style your silk robe?

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