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a scarf created just for you in your preferred color palette and pattern using soft, lightweight habotai silk or charmeuse silk, which has a little more weight and is much shinier


choose from any of the existing botanical dyes seen currently in the shop (example - madder root), the motif you'd like (example - foxglove) and possible colors you'd like for the printed motif (example – pink to red ombré)

write your combination in the message area at checkout


* processing time is dependent on availability of dye plant chosen

spring / summer plants available include - rose petals, lavender, eucalytus, willow leaves, ferns, queen anne's lace, goldenrod, dandelion, stinging nettles, mint, red onion, red cabbage, madder root, alkanet, black beans, coffee, paprika, dried chilies, avocado, etc

*if you don't see a dye plant listed, reach out! there are so many dye plants & I have absolutely missed some

* dye color extracted ranges during time of year and shifts according to the quantity used, therefore slight variations may occur

* ink color up to discretion of artist unless signified in message at checkout


custom made silk scarf

silk type