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spotted in 'Emma' (2020)

...beautiful bouquets tied up with ribbons!

I’ve been watching movies religiously lately, and I am always a sucker for a historical rom-com. I had seen previews for ‘Emma’ and I remember thinking it would be good. right away, I was blown away by the set design - warm & romantic colors, rich jewel tones, patterns on patterns, impressive costumes, long shots of foggy hills, soft and elegant lighting.

in the first five minutes, Emma is shown walking down a hallway carrying a bouquet of flowers tied up with a lavender colored ribbon. I can’t say I was lucky enough to have made that particular ribbon, but I am always happy to see ribbon tied bouquets in the wild. I found myself thinking of my silk ribbon collection for similar colorways & my “lavender” ribbon is spot on.

in another scene, family members are gathered around a sturdy looking, darkly stained wooden table for a meal. picture: rusts, deep dark greens in the curtains and evergreens, rich reds, a roaring fire going in the fireplace, chandelier, gold framed oil paintings, bouquets on every surface - over the entryway, decorating the fireplaces’ mantle, the table dispersed within candlesticks and food.

elegant, romantic, woodsy & soft. ‘Emma’ is truly the embodiment of a gorgeously designed & set film. I hope to invoke those same feelings throughout my collection of botanically dyed silk ribbons. each ribbon is dyed in small batches with botanicals I grow or collect along local trails. if you’d like to emulate the looks seen in ‘Emma’ & add a bit of flair to your bouquets, shop my collection here.


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