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planted pigments: a reintroduction

planted pigments was born out of decades of love for plants, color and art. when Mallorey was little, she created ‘potions’ with flowers she picked from her plot in her mothers garden, stirring with lichen covered sticks and watching the colors turn. her grandmothers garden was also a source of inspiration: head-sized hydrangeas, salmon colored quince, creeping and tendril-y sweet peas. Mallorey began to channel that floral love in college, while creating a series of printed and beaded textiles for her senior exhibition. since then, she’s taught science & art integrated classes to Kindergarten and elementary aged students, and incorporated that play be

tween science and art into her daily life as planted pigments. she shares her knowledge on plants & dyeing through recorded and live virtual workshops. small batch & one of a kind goods means that there is little to no waste occurring throughout her creative process. she collects snow & rainwater, uses her dye baths to exhaustion & recycles that water into her garden. she uses environmentally friendly printing inks which require no chemicals at any point during the process. the colors she creates with flowers grown in the Berkshires are unique to her. she grows as many dye plants as she can (and hopes to expand to growing madder root & a larger plot of indigo), forages locally and supports local and sustainable farmers, like Window Box Farm for all the other enticing and curious dye plants. burnt orange from coreopsis, olive from marigold and blue-violet from delphiniums are some of her favorite colors. thanks for joining on this journey.


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