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silk ribbons: fall & winter color palette

silk ribbons: fall & winter color palette


the details –

* luxurious silk ribbons dyed by hand in small batches using botanicals harvested from my garden and locally around the Berkshires (with a few exceptions). each ribbon was dyed utilizing a multi-step process - ribbons were soaked in at least two seperate baths prior to dyeing. to obtain the pigment, dye plants were layered and steeped in water. some ribbons were dyed using two or three dye plants, some rotated between seven different dye baths throughout many days.  a time intensive & scientific process creates unqiue and one of a kind colors.

* perfect for adding a special touch to all your autumn and winter bouquets


* light weight with a subtle shine. each ribbon measures 2" x 70"

*  heavier weight with luxurious sheen. each ribbon measures 2" x 70"

* NEW silk velvet with a hand torn raw edge. each ribbon measures about 2.5" x 54"


* limited quantities in all colors

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