hand dyed using beet green stems, producing a celadon green

printed pattern - queen anne's lace


about the dye plant -

beet green stems –

I was experimenting with the beet greens, and wanted to see if the stems would produce a different color than the leaves themselves. The stems were a raspberry color, but did not produce a pink color in the bath. The beet greens were incorporated into another bath, which did indeed create a green. I was pretty happy with results, as celadon is one of my favorite glazes in pottery.


"The celadon (or greenware) ceramics produced in ancient Korea during the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392 CE), are regarded as some of the finest and most elegant pottery pieces produced anywhere. With a pale green lustre reminiscent of jade and a super smooth glaze Goryeo celadons remain some of the most prized collector’s items in the world of ceramics."

queen anne's lace


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