plant pigments: making inks from natural materials

plant pigments: making inks from natural materials


learn to create ink from fallen leaves, bark, spent flowers & river rocks. this pre-recorded zoom workshop will lead you step by step through the natural ink-making process and leave you with all the tools you need to create paints and inks on your own. in the dregs of winter, you'll find some color & inspiration to take you into the spring. this class is from a pre-recorded session.



what you’ll learn:

- step by step instructions on making inks and paints from natural materials

- how to store & preserve your inks for later use

- tools of the trade and how to adjust to work with what you've got

- how to test for light and color fastness


what you’ll get:

- instruction and material handouts

- a pre-recorded video, which runs for approximately 35 minutes

- open conversation with me after the class if you choose - ask any questions you may have! 


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