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introduction to bundle dyeing virtual class

introduction to bundle dyeing virtual class


try your hand at bundle dyeing with this introductory virtual workshop!

'bundle dyeing' is a technique which uses steam to extract & imprint colors and patterns from plant matter onto the fibers.



what you'll get - 

* a private link to an instructional video via email

* a PDF outlining instructions, materials & how to's for the future 

* your choice of plant matter & natural dye materials (each kit will contain 5-6 different dye materials from the selected 'dye kit'; selection will depend on season and availability)

* your choice of ready to dye silks (either two 21" x 21" silk scarves or one 21" x 21" silk scarf and one 2" x 70" silk ribbon)

* twine



dye kit options - 


from the woods selection -  lichen, bittersweet, birch bark, pokeberry, nettles, pine needles, maple leaves, nuts, sumac, rust, berries, blackberry shoots, ferns, pine cones, apple & pear leaves, rhubarb leaves

recycled kitchen selection - avocado shells, onion skins, assorted teas, hibiscus, nasturtium, herbs, beans, tumeric, paprika, pea flowers, edible flowers, dandelion flowers & greens

wild & garden flower selection - coreopsis, marigold, dandelion, violets, queen annes lace, delphinium, roses, goldenrod, lavender, lily, black eyed susan, gladiola, geranium, ferns, pansy, ivy, scabiosa, hollyhock, dandelion

traditional dyes & extracts selection - logwood, madder, cochineal, pomegranate, walnut, lac, brazilwood, fresh indigo


or choose an assortment from each kit


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