* a luxurious silk charmeuse shawl created just for you in your preferred color palette & length 


* besides being a natural temperature regulator, silk charmeuse feels wonderful against your skin & has healing benefits & properties; silk contains natural proteins & amino acids 

* natural dyes are living color & will shift depending on their surroundings, ensuring this one of a kind wearable art will match any outfit   



* images one - three illustrate a selection of natural dye colors (please see 'color chart for custom pieces' for a wider selection, or chose from an existing scarf or garment listing)

* subsequent images show the cropped shawl, mid-thigh length & ankle length style



* let's continue the conversation below - note your preferred color palette, typical blouse size & anything else you feel necessary 

* once your order is placed, I will reach out via email to discuss in detail  pattern & length, style, measurements, color & time frame 

custom silk garment


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