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15" x 15" silk throw pillow cover

15" x 15" silk throw pillow cover


* silk charmeuse pillow cover measures 15" x 15" (meant for a 16" x 16" insert)

* metallic gold linen or dusty purple linen back

* hand sewn envelope closure

* hand dyed using home grown botanicals, locally foraged finds & traditional natural dye extracts

* hand printed with original hand carved floral motifs

* one of a kind and made in small batches




do you know the benefits of silk?

* besides being a natural temperature regulator, silk charmeuse feels wonderful against your skin & has healing benefits and properties; silk contains natural proteins and amino acids
* silk slows down wrinkles & is proven to improve sleep
* silk contains natural anti-fungal quailites

* natural dyes are living color. there are many tones and shades hidden that are drawn out depending on the surrounding colors.

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