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Adams, MA

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'I must have flowers, always, and always.'
― Claude Monet

previously handmade by mallorey

inspired by my grandmother's garden, each botanical print is a homage to the carefully tended and lush blooms I grew up surrounded by.

I have distinct memories as a child gathering flowers, bark & other flora to create 'potions'. one potion in particular had marigolds, and I remember the water turning color.  in adulthood, I have learned the science behind what I was doing and the fascinating and unpredictability of natural dyeing.

i gather as much of my dye materials as i can from my garden or locally around the Berkshires, but I also can't help but experiment with some of the older natural dyes, including madder root.

since graduating art school, I was in search of a printmaking technique that didn't require use of a professional studio. experiments with wood block printing lead me to linoleum. I hand print each scarf using environmentally              friendly inks which require no chemicals during the process.